A. B. Williams Boxlock Non-Ejector

Price: SOLD
Manufacturer: A. B. Williams
Model: Boxlock Non-Ejector
Manufacture Date: n/a
Barrel Length: 30"
Barrel Type: Fluid Steel
Chamber Length: 2 1/2"
Stock Dimensions: 1 5/8” x 2 ¾” xx 14 1/8”
Ejectors: No
Cast: Neutral
Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz
FFL Required: FFL or Curio & Relic

An interesting and very solid boxlock non-ejector by A. B. Williams of Birmingham. The 30″ fluid steel barrels have 2 1/2″ chambers and excellent bores, choked .010/.038 (IC/F). The gun locks up tight, and features a Greener-style side safety and cross-bolt. The receiver has border and scroll engraving. The fore-end has an Anson release. The Prince-of-Wales stock measures 1 5/8” x 2 ¾” xx 14 1/8” over a 1″ extension. The cast is neutral. The weight is 6 lbs 15 oz A classy double for pheasant or decoyed ducks.