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Our fine guns are sourced primarily from Scotland and England. To see a photo gallery, please click on the item you are interested in and scroll down. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a purchase, please let us know, and we will cheerfully take your item back with no questions asked.

Manufacturer: William Rochester Pape

Model: Hammergun

Price: $3795

Manufacturer: Westley Richards

Model: 28 Bore Gold Name

Price: SOLD

Manufacturer: Lord Esher's No. 2 Holland

Model: No. 2 Sidelock Ejector

Price: SOLD

Manufacturer: Sir Walter Pitt-Taylor's W. W. Greener Pair

Model: G-60 Boxlock Ejectors

Price: SOLD

Manufacturer: Thomas Horsley

Model: Sidelock Ejector

Price: SOLD

Manufacturer: William Palmer Jones

Model: Boxlock Ejector

Price: SOLD

Manufacturer: George Hinton & Sons

Model: Boxlock Ejector

Price: SOLD

Manufacturer: Charles Osborne

Model: Boxlock Non-Ejector

Price: SOLD

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Field Notes


Saw this trio north of where I live. From the look of them, the search for calories is going well.

March 23, 2019 – AT THE HERONRY

The lake near my home where herons nest every year is still frozen, but the birds are back. This morning I saw about a dozen of their haphazardly constructed nests in a grove of poplars on a little sandy island. If you’re curious what herons feed on when they don’t have access to open water: well, let’s just say they’re opportunists. Last year at this time I saw a heron standing motionless in knee-high grass, near a pile of brush. Suddenly it jabbed its beak downward, and emerged with a cottontail. As I watched, it shook the rabbit several times, flipped it in the air, caught it again, tilted its head back and swallowed the animal whole.

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